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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather cheryleds. it is monday february 11th. thank you for watching fox and friends first.
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a string of violent tornadoes tearing across parts of the southeast touching down in three counties. one of the hardest hit cities was hattiesburg, mississippi. good morning patti ann. the pictures and video are insane. watch the massive tornado hit through the heart of hattiesburg, mississippi. >> check this out. it is happening right outside my hotel. look at that. >> the devastating twister injuring dozens and injuring 4200 people without power. >> as the tornado traveled down the city's main street it mangled homes and businesses across the campus of university of southern mississippi.
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>> i saw it as it was crossing interstate 59. it was coming pretty fast. my heart was racing. i have lived here my whole life. this is surreal. hard to take it in right now. >> the powerful winds flipped cars and tossed a trampoline on top of a damaged red cross relief truck. the red cross center was complete dlis troyed. phil bryant plans to check out all of the damage. thank you so much. i was watching last night. >> all clear now? >> we are still looking at more isolated severe weather across places of alabama and also expecting to see isolated severe weather possible through areas of southern georgia heavy rain across storms. we are talking locally anywhere from 3-6 inches of rain.
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they will continue to be a story across the next several days as well. the next storm system will stall out across the southeast. that's when we will see the flooding threat continue over the next several days. we had multiple reports of tornadoes about 15 reported. they were through eastern sections of texas through alabama. fortunately for today we are not expecting as big of a tornado threat across portions of the southeast. heavy rain continuing early this morning expected to see delays on the roadways. on the northern side of the storm system we had blizzard conditions across north central. blizzard warnings in effect up to 16 inches of gusts. with the nor' easter we are talking about freezing rain additional snow and rain on top
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of the snow that is firmly on the ground. temperatures good nugs for you in the northeast will be very mild. >> maria molina in the weather channel. thanks. >> now it's time for your 5@5:00. the top five stories making news for you at this early hour. a lowe's store evacuated after someone thought they spotted christopher dorner. tops kefrned the store but found no sign of christopher dorner. it was one of several tips that came in after the city announced a $1 million reward for information leading to doerner's capture. >> this is an act and make no mistake about it of domestic tearrism. this is a man who has targeted those that we had trusted to protect the public.
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>> they identified michael crane as the veteran officer that dorner was accused of killing. he was in an ambush last week. he will be laid to rest this week. >> a 12-year-old boy is in custody for threatening to kill classmates and a teacher. he said he had 3,000 rounds of ammunition and several guns. within hours police raised him and ceased five rifles three shot guns and three hand guns from his home. the boy was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. 4,000 cruise ship passengers are stranded in the middle of the ocean after a fire breaks out on the boat killing the power. the cruise ship is in the gulf of mexico. carnival cruise lines says the fire was put outright away and no one was hurt. a woman on board and called her husband and told him what was going on.
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>> she was crying and stuff and said they had no power they had no running water, they had no way to use the bathroom. >> the good news the ship will be pulled to mexico. it will be expected to arrive on wednesday. passengers will be flown to the u.s. >> army sergeant it was during the 13 hour firefight in afghanistan. he will be receiving the medal of honor from president obama. he will be only the 4th living service member awarded theation naes top honor for courage in iraq and afghanistan. he retired from the army in 2011. >> the grarm me awa-- grammy aw goes to for album of the year. >> the grammy goes to mumford and sons. >> british ban mumford and sons
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taking home the top honor of the night. but it was justin timberlake's much anticipated performance that stole the show. >> i actually love that song. another big winner was kelly clarkson another favorite. she took home the grammy for best pop vocal and had the funniest acceptance speech. >> i had sex with miranda lambert. there's the name of a song for later after alcohol. i am just kidding. i didn't know i was going to win. i literally was so excited to be in this category. >> she can sing. that is your 5@5:00. >> leads us to our brew on this question of the day what was your moment at the grammys if
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you were up that late. e-mail us at or tweet us. >> it was a little late. >> lindsay graham a very direct message to the white house. no confirmation without information about the benghazi terror attack. >> good morning kelly. >> he is not satisfied with what he heard from officials will the attack at benghazi. he vowed he is going to get to the bottom of it even if it means blocking the confirmations of the secretary of defense as well as the cia director all important decisions that need to be fulfilled. he believes president obama cause disengaged during the attack in benghazi that he could have done more to help save the
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lives of chris stevens. he could wihave place add phone call request with the president of libya and demand they be allowed to rescue americans under the attack at the consulate on the night of september 11th. >> i don't believe we should let brennan or hagel be confirmed until the white house gives us an accounting. if the president ever calls anybody on the phone to help these folks? what did the president do? the families need to know the american people need to know. >> it is not unwarranted to stop for attempt to try and stop the secretary of defense or the cia director. we need chuck hagel who is qualified to be the secretary of defense. >> president obama nominated
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chuck hagel to goibecome the ne secretary of defense and brennan to become the next cia director. he will not filibuster but vows to vied track until he gets more information. he tells fox news that he is threatening to filibuster chuck hagel if necessary to prevent his confirmation. we heard cutting hours to avoid the cost of obama care. now faith is doing the same thing. lauren simonetti always unintended consequences, right? >> since working 30 hours a week is considered full-time under the new healthcare law more employees are getting 29 hours this way the employers save
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money by not having to legally provide them with health insurance. the state of trvirginia is abou to limit them to 24-hours. public institutions like youngstown are doing the same. more consequences of the healthcare law of obama care. >> a more positive note you may be able to have itunes on a watch now? >> yes. channeling inspector gadget and dick tracy. smart watches i watches whatever you want to call them. new yo times and wall street are saying they are tinkering a wearable computer the company corning which makes the glass in the iphone has said it created bendable glass. we know it can be done but will it be done by apple and if so,
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when. there are several reports apple has discussed the idea of a smart watch with some of the manufacturing partners. now we have smart glasses, smart watches, smart cars we are just waiting for them to come out. >> that will be interesting. sounds like it would be clunky. >> i am always searching for my phone in the pocket book for me if it's on my rist that would be great. >> lauren simonetti fox business news. they are already paid more than their private sector counterpart but one union leader says government departments deserve a biering raise. his father died while waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance. why the family getting a $780 ambulance bill. the average of gas 3.59 up $0.01 from yesterday. ♪
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>> federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly helicopter crash that happened in california. they were shooting a reality show at the ranch in action not far from la when it went down before dawn on sunday. the crew was working on a new military themed tv show for the discovery channel all three in the aircraft were killed. u.s. reeknal joseph dunne guard officially has taken charge of the u.s. with nato forces in afghanistan. he precedes john allen who handed over commands. he todone ford takes helm in afghanistan.
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many people are ding are di. they had anywhere from several inches to three feet of snow knocking out power 200 thousand still in the dark. in new york 100 people were stranded overnight at the long island expressway by the snow friday. the highway was closed to clean up ahead of the workweek. robert moses has an update for us right now. good morning, robert. >> patti ann, good morning to you. we saw amazing pictures on the front page of the new york times of those cars stranded on the long island expressway. part of the lie just reopened. all westbound traffic as you can see behind me is now back open which is significant because that makes the commute intoyork drivers in eastern long island. however, eastbound lanes as you can see here eastbound traffic being diverted off the road way behind me here. that snow cleanup continues.
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armada of plow trucks. that's the best way we can describe clearing the lie yesterday which became a graveyard for many cars. on our trip out here we saw a car still buried up to its roof on the long island expressway. again part of the road is still closed this morning no word on when it will reopen. new york state has sent one-third of the snow removal resources here to sufficieolk county. that's the latest from long island this morning. patti ann, the digout is going to take a long time. >> back breaking work. robert moses, thank you. the time right now 18 after the hour. still to come on the rundown do you want to be rich? our next guest can show you how to go from an ordinary employee to mvp. >> he was on fire on the ice slap shot that landed this 9-year-old a very big prize.
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>> 21 minutes after the hour. stwo airlines could be coming together to make the biggest airline. a deal is close for an 11-billion dollar merger between u.s. airlines and american airlines. the parent company of americans filed for bankruptcy in 2011. one of the australian radio dd's behind the royal prank is becac on the air for the first time since the tragedy. they called the london hospital where kate middleton was being
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treated for morning sickness. they called and the nurse got ridiculed and ended up taking her life. >> thank you patti ann. do you know what it takes to be your office mvp? our next guest is here to tell us how to be the most valuable performer at your job. author of i will teach to you be rich. >> we want to be mvp of the super bowl. your first tip is to let our bosses help us grow. >> a lot of us believe if we stay good at our job that's enough. all of the people sit in the corner work on their cell and get passed up over and over. they want to invest. first thing we can do is ask them hey would you mind helping me get this course or this book or even attend this conference.
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as we get more valuable to the company maybe we should ask for 100 a month>> i looked at this book would it be okay to put this on the company account as you work your way up you can ask for hire and higher ticket items. the more people help you the more they want to help you. >> it doesn't make snins but when you ask people and they start helping you they actually he want to help you more. >> become the office honey bee. what does that mean? >> it is all about people. becoming the honey bee of the office means you take people out to lunch. we know networking is important. when was the last time we said hey, mike, who is in the next cubical, i would love to take you out to get advice on how you do this. by becoming a honey you can leverage those powers. >> not the office suck up.
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but you want to legitimately talk to other people and take an interest from them and learn from them. >> exactly. >> tap into your alumni network. >> yes. nothing more powerful than being a part of an alumni network. you have alumni who used to work there and now work other places. leverage that. you can be a part of linkedin where you say i would love yto take you out to cough fee. what did you think of this group and how did you make a transition to this other company? you ha >> office alumni. >> what if people get word maybe you are looking for another job. it's about how did you do this you are curious how they choose to take the path they choose. >> thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. like your tips. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up vicious tornadoes we
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told you about them ripping through mississippi. a path of destruction left in the wake. residents still have more to fear. we will have the latest on that next. the grammys setting new rules to keep the stars covered. who kept it fashionable and who left themselves over exposed?
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. >> thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> this morning at least 4200 people waking up without power>> it tore right through the city making a path of destruction. marianne rafferty has the latest. >> pictures and video were the same. >> they ripped right through the heart of hattiesburg, mississippi. >> check this out. it's happening right outside
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look at that. >> devastating twister injuring dozens leaving 4200 people without power. > as the tornado traveled down the city's main street it mangled homes businesses and several schools on the campus of the university of southern mississippi. >> it was coming pretty fast. my heart was racing. i have lived here my whole life. this is surreal. >> the powerful winds flipped cars and tossed this trampoline across a damaged red cross relief truck. the center was completely destroyed. they plan to check out all of the damage. heather, patti ann. >> heather thank you.
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>> straight to maria molina now to see where the storm is headed next. >> good morning everyone. that severe weather we saw yesterday is part of a larger storm system. the center of it is centered over western portions of the great lakes. this storm is massive. it actually has brought blizzard conditions across the upper midwest. at this hour we have more strong thunderstorms rolling through portions of georgia, south carolina alabama and even into mississippi. we are going to continue to see that threat for more thunderstorms as we head to today, tomorrow even wednesday. it will be 4-6 inches of rain. 40 inches of snow across portions of connecticut.
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we are dealing with areas of light snow freezing rain and eventually into the afternoon area for rainfall. this will be dangerous for any one heading to work. right outside the new york city area and places across new jersey and southern portions. you will be looking at a slippery morning commute. winter storm as well with 16 inches of snow. gusts 40 miles per hour. 60 in texas otherwise a mighted d -- mild day today. a lot of that snow should be melting today. >> thank you very much. maria molina. oo thousands expect to do attend a memorial service at the
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stadium for cries kyle. he's the former navy seal murdered at the texas gun range. eddy ray ruth has been charged can killing him akyle and anoth man. he has a mental illness and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> we are hearing from the american survivors of the deadly algerian hostage crisis. last month you may remember terrorist stormed the bp plant killing 37 workers and three americans were among those killed. 5 americans survived including mark cop bp's plant manager. he tells 60 minutes his staff through him into a corner and covered him with maps as terrorists forced their way into his building. >> in all honesty i would say i felt pure terror. by the grace of god there was only two-doors they didn't kick into that office building and
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one of the two was the office i was behind. >> after hiding for a couple of days they escaped through a whole in a fence. the rest were ab cucaptured the americ algerian army. >> salaries for federal civilian employees have been frozen for 3 years. the president of the american federation of government employees is now blasting president obama's proposal to raise sallies. they want to pay extended focused on the nation's budget process. >> his father died after waiting for an ambulance for 30 minutes. that man getting slapped with a nearly $800 bill for it. listen to this. he called on new year's eve because his father was having
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trouble the ambulance didn't ar until 30 minutes later. ford is outraged because he got a $780 bill for the ambulance after his father died. the city counsel woman says she will fix the problem. >> a 9-year-old boy on fire center ice. >> oh. oh! >> as you can see tyson green corn even slips before taking the shot but it didn't matter. he got nothing but net. the nova scotia student scoring 5,000 dollars for that goal. it happened during a fundraiser for the school. that is your 5@5:30. >> we are one day away from president obama's first state of the union address for his second term. he is expected to layout his agenda for the nation's budget
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crisis. could youing liziader is live wh us for more. >> they are wait to go hear the state of the union address tomorrow. in many ways this speech will be a book end after the president's inaugural address last month. the president spoke little of debts and deficits on that cold january day. he will layout an agenda that includes nods to the deficit and ramped up spending on domestic programs we think he will speak to raise taxes. they are already making an argument against big spending cuts. >> it is we have a budget problem that we to address. >> the president is expected to push hard against the see quest tored the automatic spending
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cuts this month. almost certain to mention gun control initiatives. much of the speech could focus on job creation federal out lays more spending for education and infrastructure republicans will be wearing. >> as long as we pay for it. we have seen this movie before. we saw it with the so-called stimulus package back in the beginning of the administration. we saw the most stagnant economy and for every man woman and child in america. >> right after the president will aggressively sell this as he travels to three cities asheville north carolina and down to atlanta georgia to chicago illinois. he will be pressing those broad themes at each of those stops especially when he gets to
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chicago they landed two of the top awards of the night. >> grammy goes to. >> we are young. the group fun winning for song of the year and best new artist. taylor swift kicked it off with the rendition of her song "we are never getting back together. ♪ >> the grammy winner for best solo country performance was car carrie underwood.
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she sang "blown away." ♪ ♪ >> and last but not least the fashions. they were told they couldn't show too much sing but of course some singers tried to push the envelope. >> so as you can see i read the memo. >> you look beautiful. you look gorgeous and you inspired memo. >> meanwhile rihanna in a sheer red chiffon gown. gown. check out the mint green cleavage bearing gown. >> obama care is supposed to make healthcare more acceptable
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for every american. but in at least one state there are not enough doctors to care for all of those people. now they could be taking some unusual steps. >> could reaching for a cold beer really after a workout be better for you than a glass of water? the surprising new research. i will have to hear this. i don't have to believe this.
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>> 43 after the hour. firs russia. more than 10 people killed in a coal mine explosion. officials say a build up of methane gas caused the blast. in india 3 dozen people are dead after a stampede at a train station. millions gathered for a festival when the stampede happened. most of the vic tills elderly
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woman. philippines the crocodile tears are flowing today. the largest crock in activity has died. the more than 20-foot long crock is more than 50 years old. heather? >> thank you patti anne. >> as states move forward one state is having trouble meeting overwhelming new patient demands. fox business network diane macedo joins us with those details. good morning diane. >> the big question was how affordable will that care really be. now california has healthcare obstacle they don't have enough money to treat the influx of patients. the american medical colleges 16 of california's 58 counties has a recommended supply of primary care physicians and nearly 30 percent of the state's doctors are approaching retirement age. to combat that problem they want
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treatment and pharmacists and p optometrists to act as primary care providers. not just california the national conference of state legislatures say 350 laws expanding the roles have gone nationwide and 24 states launched more than 50 additional proposals since the start of the new year. supporters say those professionals mentioned have more training than allowed to use and often see patients that are easily diagnosed but talk them to a doctor after waiting months. they tend to order more tests and subscribe more ant yacht dicks which could cauost more. health insurance does no good if you have no access to healthcare. thank you very much diane. we appreciate it. >> this is a fox news alert.
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we are getting news in to our desk that pope benedict will resign at the end of this month. the press office just making this announcement. we will bring you details as we continue. do you suffer from a broken heart finding out is as simple as listening to it. dr. mark siegel is here to explain how. >> if you can't dig it, throw it. let's check in with brian kilmeade see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> i am going to find out shortly if i am suffering from a broken heart. we are forging ahead with the snow. >> the deaths of four over libya we will breakdown what's in the book and the people who wrote it. max is here to talk about what defense secretary i thiengel woe
2:49 am
like if he is nominated and talks about how responsibility he is if he becomes secretary of defense. the grammies no skin update. we will find out when we reveal skin coming up at the top of the hour. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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>> the surgery was to repair torn ligaments in her knee. she also broke a bone in her leg.
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get this. spanish researchers say they say it can cause as a minor pran relieve for the aches and stresses that can come from exercising. i know you have dr. seigel next. >> thank you, heather. how is this meanwhile for a startling statistic. more than a million americans suffer a heart attack each year. heart disease the leading cause of death in the u.s. how much do you know about your heart? dr. mark seigel is here with the tests. >> water after a workout. >> there are fact and fiction. you can tell us which ones are a myth and which ones are true. people think if you don't have
2:54 am
any chest pain you are not having a heart attack. >> that's fiction. heart attack can come in many different varieties. it can be a jaw ache, it can be you are just not feeling like yourself. could be your arm is bothering you. could be nausea. especially for women. 60 percent of women present with a heart attack the first time they felt it it could be you are not feeling well. >> good to know especially women. trans fats are enemy number one in your diet. >> that's absolutely true. trans fats are enemy number one. they taste good. they clog your coronaries. a lot of times we take trans fats out and put butter in. butter is almost as bad as trans fats. >> you can have a tiny bit and have sdmrezero label.
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>> you got to watch out for it. >> it is a portion that is accessib accessible. >> if people think it's stress i am not having a heart attack i am just stressed. >> that is fiction. the thing is you don't know it's stress. i don't want you to be physician patti ann. if you are feeling irregular heartbeat or rapid heartbeat there may be an arrhythmia for your heart. if you are feeling palpitations it may be. your heart is going fast you are feeling something in your chest or you are short of breath it could be stress but it could be a reason you are having stress. get it checked out. >> heart problems depression all of this leads to heart problems. >> a lot of young people could
2:56 am
be obese could have giets. the number one cause of death is heart. number two is car accidents. if you are not feeling well get checked. >> omega 3 fatty acids these are different for all kinds of circumstances. >> having two portions a week. i put a lot of people over the age of 50 on as trin because of heart risk and stroke risk but i worry about bleeding and ulcers. don't just do it yourself. i am over 50 i am going to start an aspirin. get checked. >> dr. seigel thank you as always. fox medical a team. 5 until the top of the hour hockey fans get quite the surprise at this game. a mascot steals the show after tame presidenting to escape. last chance to get the last question of the day.
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get the e-mails and tweets coming.
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